“The process” is quoted for effect, in that adopting a child from Ukraine is truly a process! A process, mind you, which is attacked by all sides and completely surrounded by emotions. Emotions when meeting the children for the first time as they call you “papa” and hug you; emotions as they board a plane for their home country; emotions as you feel a part of your family is missing; and emotions for our emotions, or even at times our lack of them! So the process is crazy, unbelievable, and different for everyone adopting. I will attempt to bring you up to speed on our process and journey. Generally speaking I broke the process into three phases. Phase one basically consists of the U.S. requirements, such as the home study, Hague agency requirements, and immigration requirements. Phase two will consist of Ukraine requirements such as medical checks, more background checks, and our dossier. Phase three will be traveling to Ukraine and bringing them home.

First we had to meet the children. Done! What an amazing experience. You can read all about it with our first blog post. We then immediately started our background checks (for EVERY state we lived in since we were 18) for ten states, and one each for federal. Next was our home study, which resulted in our approval to adopt seven children. We then contacted a Hague accredited adoption agency who will guide us through required online training, and the immigrations requirements. This is where we are as of now. We are completing the five hours of required online training. Once complete we will apply for a USCIS Form I-600, which is a “Petition to Classify an Orphan as an Immediate Relative.” This form, once completed, will be placed with our home study and other required documents and background checks to be built into a packet (dossier) for the Ukraine government. Once that is sent we will be waiting on them to give us a court date. Once we have a court date we will fly to Ukraine and after some significant international hustle and bustle we will have our kids!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “That’s all they have to do?” Trust me, every step in this process, and every document has the ability to be a struggle as the wording must be exact, and everything has to be less than six months old; the nuances are staggering! With God’s guidance, wisdom, and our hard work it will be done.

So here we are, getting ready to start some online learning about adopting. Our hearts currently broken as half of our family is alone right now, in an orphanage. Please surround us with prayer; share our blog; and watch God unfold His plan in our life!

– D

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