Financial Report

Ok, so here is an update on our current financial standing for our adoption. I provide this to be transparent for those interested in pursuing adoption, and to remain accountable to all those who have blessed us with their donations. To this point we have spent about $10,000 for the adoption. Almost all of that was spent on requirements for the U.S. and initial preparation for documents going to Ukraine. The list following is an estimate based upon adopting four children because I cannot estimate the cost of our older teen being adopted due to recent changes. The following is what we are estimating for the rest of our adoption, which I believe to be a accurate expectation based upon data received from numerous families who have recently completed their adoptions:


$100:               Apostilles for Dossier documents *a dossier is our completed adoption packet for Ukraine

$200:               FEDEX Dossier to Ukraine

$15,000:          Remaining balance for our Ukraine Facilitator: (which covers costs such as in country medical exams for the children, court fees, and translations etc)

$3,000:            Required financial gift for orphanages

$2,500:            Round trip airfare for Daniel and Charlotte’s first trip (We may be able to get cheaper tickets using Golden Rule Airfare or Turkish airways but it will be hit or miss. Average cost is $1,000)

$2,000:            First trip in country expenses (This is for lodging, travel, and sustainment for three weeks)

$920:               Children’s new Visas ($230 each).

$4,000:            Second trip in country expenses: (This amount is more because we must travel to appointments with the children, which will include trains and rental vehicles)

$2,500:            Daniel and Charlotte airfare

$4,000:            Airfare for the children


$34,220:          TOTAL remaining expense is about $34,220.


$12,000           I have budgeted about $12,000 in personal savings and income by March 2017.


$22,220        Remaining deficit estimate of about $22,220 needed to complete the adoption of four children. If we are adopting six children, which will not be verified until we get to Ukraine on our first trip, we will need an additional $6,000 to cover additional visas, airfare, facilitator fees, and in country travel.


So, this is our updated goal. We need between $22,000 and $28,000 to adopt four to six children. Our low goal is 22 but we are striving for 28 to be prepared for all six to come home with us. I am in the process of applying for many grants and some interest free adoption loans as well but won’t hear back for a while. Please pray for us and God’s provisions as we strive to bring our children home.


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