Worship in the Waiting

Four and a half months. We have parented two boys from hard places for four and a half months.


There has been tears, yelling, heartache, sleepless nights, feelings of utter defeat. There has been laughter, hugs, tears of immeasurable joy, and peace unspeakable as we witness the immense beauty of earthly redemption right before our eyes. This has been God’s plan for our family all along, and oh how grateful we are – even on the really, really hard days. In the midst of beginning our new life as a family of ten, we have begun a new journey of adoption of our sweet girl – and along with that a whole new mess of challenges and opportunities for God to reveal Himself mighty far beyond our ability.

As I shared in our previous post, Oops We Did It Again, we believe God has opened the doors for us to pursue our sweet girl that we were pursuing originally. Seeing God move so many mountains to get our boys home has fueled us to trust God in this season … and boy, oh boy, has the enemy kicked it up a few (ton) notches to confuse and conflict us on this new path of redemption. So we have some massive mountains to share that we could really use a village of prayer to move.

First Massive Mountain: readoption. You see, I am the only one who officially adopted our boys in Ukraine. With my husband’s career, we were not sure if he would be able to travel to Ukraine. If we were both on the paperwork and he couldn’t travel then the adoption would be suspended and essentially over due to the fact that the paperwork must be completed within six months of the adoption. My husband is on all the paperwork as the spouse and giving his approval of the adoption – he was also able to come to Ukraine for both trips and attend all the meetings and court appearances. We began the process for my husband and I to readopt the boys in the States so that we are both on the their birth certificates and they can have our last name, nearly five months ago. I do not understand whether this is the failure of our lawyer, our county judge or that God has a divine plan in this timing.

The kicker for this readoption is that it directly affects our ability to pursue our sweet girl. Because our boys were only officially adopted by me, they are on a certain Visa that does permit them to gain citizenship. With the terms of our adoption of the boys we must readopt them together in America before the adoption is considered officially complete. This also means that we cannot pursue another adoption until the first one is considered officially complete. So we beg you for your prayers that God would move in our lawyer and our county judge to give us a court date this week – or as soon as possible within God’s plan.


Second Massive Mountain: finances. With our first adoption we had a small surplus of finances that we were able to apply to our adoption. God also came through so miraculously through generous friends, family and strangers – along with two grants. This time we are still recovering financially from the first adoption and will need to be fully funded through grants, donations, and fundraisers. We have the finances to support our family on the day to day – but the massive lump sum to get our sweet girl home is more than we can come up with on our own. We are completely reliant upon God to get our sweet girl home.

I shared on social media that we are praying specifically and boldly that God would fully fund our adoption before our sweet girl gets here in June for our summer home hosting – you can read more about the home hosting program in our previous post, Oops, We Did It Again. God never has to do things my way or in my preferred timeline, but Scripture tells us that we have not because we ask not and that we can boldly come before the Throne of Grace. So we are boldly asking God to provide for our adoption in full before our sweet girl gets here in June.

You guys. There is SO MUCH to be grateful for in this season. I need to do a post updating you on the past few months – but I want to hit some highlights. God is so good. Our sweet boys call me Mom and Mommy … if you are not familiar with international adoption, you cannot know just how huge this is. Just today our oldest son called out to me as he was working on his Rosetta Stone English program, “Mommy, I got 100 percent!” You guys, I could have just melted into one big weeping puddle of mush! Our youngest son from Ukraine is quick to be sweet and loving, but it is more of an effort for our oldest – so any measure of affection from him is savored and time stopping!

I tell you, we have had some rough days, and we will continue to have rough days – just like every family. But oh my heart, the good days … I simply have no words. It is like the breath of Heaven descended. So many days are just jam packed and crazed – like most families. And yet some moments the Holy Spirit taps on my shoulder and helps me pause to see the incredible miracle of redemption right before me. When our younger son comes in with full confidence calling to Daddy … this just happened today and it took my breath away. This child – unwanted, unknown, unloved … he has a daddy, a family, a home, a future – he can just walk into our room and call to Daddy. *tears flow* Adoption is a miracle – a miracle of earthly redemption, a kiss of Heaven, a small glimpse into the Father’s heart. Adoption -whew, ya’ll – it is hard … like crying yourself to sleep at night wondering if your family will ever survive this new life, like wondering if you made an epic wrong decision, like sitting in a doctors office in sheer terror for the diagnoses never marked in their files, like – man, it’s hard.

And yet. Adoption is necessary. Adoption is important. Adoption is right. Adoption reveals some ugliness within you and your family that God can now work through for His glory. Adoption develops mercy and compassion and empathy that you never knew you needed to experience or express. Adoption illustrates the beauty and power of redemption that sheds an incredible light into eternity. Adoption is community – oh the relationship that have been built because of our boys – oh how we need our community now more than ever! Adoption is a gift. A glorious and astounding gift from our Heavenly Father.

So while we stare down this massive mountain of our readoption, and the massive mountain of our new adoption of our sweet girl – there is a steady pace of worship in the midst of our waiting. The enemy cannot have our joy or our confidence in Christ. Our victory may not come through as we planned or when we planned – but our God has not failed, our God is not delayed. He is worthy of our worship as He works all this out together for good and His glory. This is all for His glory. We pursue because He pursued us. We endure because He endured so much for our own redemption. We worship in the waiting. Join us?

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